We take over workers in temporary work
  • From 2009 – Romanian agency of interim
  • 1 head office, 3 offices, partners on the entire Romanian territory.
  • Specialized in local staff recruitment and detachment in European Union.
  • Since 2011 until 2017 was ranked Nr. 1 in the county Mehedinti
  • Filed : Human resources and recruitment

SC TRAVEL INTERIM SRL is a member of the French Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest


With us you have the fast and effective solution adapted to your necessities for solving the personnel management issues!

The interim is the most used and the fastest way of externalization of the human resource, management and it represents the solution in the situation of some circumstantial requirements and of some tasks that have to be solved urgently:
  • Workload temporary increase
  • The temporary replacement of an employee
  • Performance of some temporary tasks
  • The impossibility of the management of employees’ selection and administration
The guarantee of obeying the Romanian and European legal provisions and the quality of the services we offer is provided by the following documents we provide you:
  • functioning authorization issued by the Ministry of Work, Family and Social Protection
  • fiscal attestation certificate issued by the Public Finance Administration
  • the bank guarantee at Transilvania Bank
  • + other documents, various exploration Romanian or European

Human resources

Qualified human resources for refineries, shipyards, civil and industrial constructions


With Ildustria Servicii win a human resource team , who working for you.


Multiple possibilities of staff selection due to our complex and varied database.


If you are looking for a job, please consider our offers and apply them to the desired job.